Developing children as individuals

All children are unique and brilliant

We try to get the best out of each child by using personalised ‘soft targets’. All our staff are trained in child development according to the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), so your Rainbow Cubs are in good hands. We carefully select our staff and aim to develop children to a super-high standard. It’s all down to having good people and keeping them happy, by offering good incentives and creating a good environment.

So, whats the Big Idea?

Lets shake up the care profession for starters!

Let’s be honest; the childcare profession in the UK could be much better. Our dream is to make it colourful and educational, fun, friendly and rewarding. But we know it’s not going to be easy, so that’s why we came up with our Big Idea.

At Rainbow Cubs, all our staff are offered a higher standard of pay and incentives compared to the industry standard, which we believe is too low for the hard work and dedication needed to create a thriving setting. We believe this can result in a better, more human service than many other day-care providers. We want to shake up the care profession and set a new standard!

How did it all begin?

Because all good ideas start somewhere

When Kim Kyprianou had her first child Andrew, she was looking for a suitable nursery. This would allow her to work and help contribute to the family, as most modern mothers do. Though her skill-set lied in areas elsewhere, Kim decided to work in a nursery to help get a better understanding of how they would look after her child.

Then came the question:

“Is this the best quality of care we can provide our children in this country?!

Staff were bitter because of low pay and stress as well as lack of support from management. Children were being treated poorly because staff were bitter. The staff room consisted of a broken fridge (full of handbags), an old sofa clinging onto dear life by means of brown tape, a dusty old computer and a pile of coats on the floor. This was just scratching the surface. Kim decided to read up online about the state of child care in the UK to see if this was actually normal. Her suspicions were confirmed through several articles on the BBC News website.

And then came the answer:

“I’m going to become a child care provider so I can create a place that I would be happy to put Andrew into.

So that day, little Andrew became our first ever Rainbow Cub.